something i never got to finish

i found the devil and god 
in your body, spent some time
being saved but wanting to
burn all at once. 

there’s a hell inside your
bones that you don’t want
anyone to know, but you
have something in you I
haven’t seen before; or
at least in a long, long time. 

it sort of feels like standing 
on a bridge above a freeway, or
laying on your back in the
middle of the ocean, or
maybe just kissing you is fine. 

the night i asked you what 
you were afraid of, you said
"of not getting better." i
told you, “but babe, you’re 
already so good.” what i
wanted to say was “me, too.”

and man, do i sure know
how to pick ‘em when 
man, i sure don’t know
how to fix ‘em. 

i look at you and see a 
bunch of loose pages broken 
from a spine and baby, maybe
i should have practiced my
binding a little better, maybe
i should have practiced gluing 
pages like yours back, but i
feel like if i haven’t learned by 
now then i never will. 

i don’t know what it is about
leaky faucets, broken pipes
that draw me in, but i want
to patch them up or make
them home. 

i’m not handy, i’ve just
got a way of holding the 
tools in my fists enough to
look convincing. i haven’t
been able to fix anyone yet.
maybe someday i’ll realize
that i don’t have to. 

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In a Bed That Barely Fits by Emma Hannan (OUR FIRST CHAPBOOK)


Chipped Tooth Press is HELLA stoked to announce that our first chapbook is going to be published on August 20th! This is the first of many things to come from our press over the next year. 

In a Bed That Barely Fits is a collection of poems on commitment, longing, and recovery from both. Emma is a regular contributor to Insert Lit Mag Here. Emma draws you in with her infinite charm and takes you down with her unapologetic imagery and observations. Part coming-of-age story, part love story, In a Bed That Barely Fits will leave you picking pieces of these poems out of your hair long after you’ve finished reading. 

We’re so excited to share this work with you. 

Holy cow guys! I am super psyched to tell you all that my very own zine is being released on MY BIRTHDAY, August 20th!

Julia’s words are way too kind, but I feel so, so good about finally doing something with my writing after years of stagnancy. Such a huge, overwhelming thanks for juliaalexanderpoetry's/chippedtoothpress's support and enthusiasm and LOVE! 

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on: bullets and battle.

i have lived my life as a series of pauses and sprints. go. dash. brake. break. these past three years have been a multitude of wars: emma vs. self-loathing. emma vs. resentment. emma vs. loss. self-loathing again, coming in like a grenade. emma vs. eyes, vs. lips, vs. hands, vs. claws.

i am ready to win each and every battle. i am ready to call it. 

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i am terrified that i am unable to be creative without being broken.

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the night i broke apart

i wonder how many times it
takes to brush your teeth before
ridding yourself of the taste
of someone else’s mouth. i
woke up at two in the morning
knowing before you even said
a word that you had 
tasted her.
(my world is collapsing.
my lungs are following.)
i cannot bend my knees far 
enough into myself to disappear. 

you gargled an entire bottle
of mouthwash and told me it
meant nothing, but you 
needed to know. i made
you wash yourself three
times. if you scrubbed yourself to
the bone maybe you could get
clean enough for both of
(now you know the filth.
now i know the pain.)
i should have listened to the 
knots in my stomach at ten to 
midnight. i should have told 
you to come home. 

you fucking her was like
fucking an open door, a
corridor leading to salvation. 
your pathways to recovery were
guarded off by feelings you
created for me, feelings like
hellhounds waiting to bite. but
you figured it out:
love is not anatomy.
emotion is not biology.
(the dogs have left the building.
their red eyes don’t follow me home
we made love like an apology, like
a prayer, a cry of “thank you.” i
washed her body from your body
and brought you home

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"Stars are not small or gentle.
They are writhing and dying and burning.
They are not here to be pretty.
I am trying to learn from them."

Caitlyn Siehl, “Sky Poem” (via chocolatefrogs)

from my book, which can be purchased here:

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i regret every mouth i’ve ever
kissed that was not yours,
every boy i’ve ever let feel
anything for me.
their teeth were broken glass
along my neck,
their hands grenades,
weapons in combat, allies in
a war against myself that they
knew nothing about.

i think about my nights
beneath their bodies and it
makes me want to burn. i
hide beneath my desk at work,
lungs filled with smoke, throat
scarred, a tornado happening
within me. and for a moment
it is dark and silent, like a 
womb. i leave this position
in hopes it would be like
being born again.

(it isn’t; set me on fire.
set me on fire.
set me on fire.)

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another reason

he was able to fuck me as
hard as i hate myself,
bodies held together like 
the earth’s plates and 
rumbling like earthquakes.

he kissed me quiet,
but his fingers along my skin
were like conversations being
held atop Olympus,
so exciting and so very loud.

he kissed me quiet,
but his voice was like rain
in june, 
thick, and warm, and heavy.

oh, he kissed me quiet. 

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"you said Is
there anything which
is dead or alive more beautiful
than my body,to have in your fingers"

E.E. Cummings, from “you said is” 

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